Sorbonne Declaration on Research Data Rights

The international Research Data Rights Summit was held at Sorbonne University on Monday, 27 January. This initiative brought together nine major networks of research-intensive universities from major regions of the world. It was an opportunity to sign the "Sorbonne Declaration" on the rights of research data. This text strongly affirms the willingness of universities to share their data while firmly calling on governments to adopt a clear legal framework to regulate this sharing and to provide the means to put it in place. 

Co-organized by Sorbonne University, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and University College London (UCL), this data summit is unprecedented in its scale: nine networks representing about 200 of the main research-intensive universities in the world.

The signing of the “Sorbonne Declaration” is an ambitious message to the international scientific community and to research funding bodies and governments. This framework document, intended to promote the sharing and proper use of data, calls on the public and private research communities to join this commitment. It also confronts governments and research funders with their responsibilities of providing universities with the financial means and the appropriate legal framework to open data.

This is an essential issue for the quality and transparency of research. It is also a crucial economic issue: funded largely by public money, research data represents tens of billions of euros worldwide. The objective is therefore to make these data accessible in order to accelerate scientific discoveries and economic development.

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The signatories:

Association of American Universities | African Research Universities Alliance | Coordination of French Research-Intensive Universities | German U15 | League of European Research Universities | Research University 11 Russell Group | The Group of Eight | U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities


To endorse the declaration on behalf of your organization, please contact, specifying the name of your organization, your name and contact information.